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Various activities to a tune of Rs.61.00 Crs are being planned for materialisation for the benefit of people of Andhra Pradesh for decades to come.

Projects Under APDRP-Component 5- Capacity Building and Technical Support for Disaster Management- APSDMA:

Sl No Programme Estimate Amount in
Rs. Crs
1 Engaging a consultancy firm for comprehensive review of the building regulatory framework for reform options in building code administration and implementation in Andhra Pradesh State, India 1.00 REOI-Re-invitation issued. Seeking clearance from WB for re-advertisement
2 “APCOSMIC- Andhra Pradesh Critical Operations Strategic Management and Incident Command (Procurement, Configuration and Commissioning of Crisis Management Information System for the State Of Andhra Pradesh in India 8.00 REOI cancelled as there was only very few responses. Project will be divided into software and hardware components and the new REOI will be issued with Software component only
3 Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Data Centre and Hardware Equipments for Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority 8.00 World Bank granted permission for Activity Creation. Seeking permission from WB to engage C-DAC,GOI for data centre design, cost estimation and tender processing
4 Establishment of Andhra Pradesh Disaster Research Centre with Geospatial Framework ( ESRI Solutions) 7.00 World Bank granted permission for Single Source Selection. Approval of Govt being requested for Administrative sanction and Single Source Entrustment.
5 Multi-hazard Risk Assessment and Creation of Risk Information System for Andhra Pradesh (RISAP) 20.00 Activity created. WB approved TOR. Project Conceptualisation Stage
6 Procurement High Resolution Digital Elevation Model for Hydrological modelling-Flood, tsunami and storm surge inundation 7.00 World Bank granted permission for Activity Creation. Project Conceptualisation Stage
7 Engagement of a consultancy firm for handholding with GoAP for finalisation and implementation of insurance scheme for disaster prone areas in AP 10.00 Project Conceptualisation Stage
Total Rs. 61.00 Only (Rupees Sixty One Crores only)